The 10 best Hiking Shoes & Boots

The 10 best hiking shoes & boots

The UK…land of grassland and amazing landscape, land of sheep and beer, but most of all a land for hikers! With more than 300 km of trails, the UK’s are by far the greatest and greenest countries to hike. Known for its rainy weather, many feel reluctant to walk under the clouds, but with a good equipment and a bit of motivation  everything is possible! What is better than sunrise on the Isle of Skye and a sunset in the beautiful Scottish Highlands?

You don’t need a huge bag or tons of equipment to hike for a day, however beware to know that good hiking shoes are a must! Finding the right hiking shoes can become a real nightmare and even impossible regarding the numbers of possibilities offered on the market. In order to help you in the purchase of your next hiking shoes, our team of expert hikers has made a selection of the 10 best hiking shoes. The shoes selected are adapted to short hikes with no needs of heavy carrying and are equipped with a Gore-Tex® mesh in order to use them in summer and winter.

Millet, Salewa, La Sportiva, Mammut ou Adidas Terrex, discover our top 10 best hiking shoes and find the right pair for you! 

  1. Kayland Vitrik GTX
  2. Adidas Terrex Swift R3 GTX
  3. Merrell Moab 2 GTX
  4. Millet Hike Up
  5. La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Leather GTX
  6. Garmont Dragontail LT
  7. Lowa Renegade GTX Low
  8. Meindl Portland GTX
  9. Salewa MS Mtn Trainer Lite GTX
  10. Mammut Ducan Low GTX

Kayland Vitrik GTX : performance and support

Vitrik GTX

If you are faced with downhills and steep hills during your hikes, go for the Vitrik GTX of the Kayland brand. Those shoes have been developed to bring the ideal support for difficult grounds. Equipped with a Gore-Tex mesh, they fit with all types of environments and can be used all year long, in mountains or humid paths. The Vitrik GTX is further equipped with a Vibram® Gravity Full Megagrip sole, the best choice for steep and slippery paths. One thing to remember is that they are most appreciated for the stability and comfort that they offer passionate hikers.

➤ Kayland Vitrik GTX - Men's hiking shoes

Kayland Vitrik GTX - Women’s hiking shoes
  • Stem material : leather - mesh
  • Internal sole : PU
  • Intermediary sole : microporous foam
  • External sole : Vibram® Gravity Full Megagrip
  • Extended lacing system : perfect adjustment when hiking
  • Gore-Tex® membrane : waterproof and breathable
  • Weight : 2 x 410 g

Adidas Terrex Swift R3 GTX : all ground support

Swift R3 GTX

If you are looking for lightweight, strong and protective hiking shoes, no needs to look further, the hiking shoe developed by Adidas Terrex brand, Swift R3 GTX is for you! This shoe, which offers comfort as much as it offers resistance, will guaranty you an optimal support whatever the environments you wish to explore, from the easiest to the more challenging one. Built with a highly resistant low stem and the Pro-Moderator technology which gives better stability to your foot, the Swift R3 GTX, will create magnificent sensation during your one day hikes.

The advantages of the Swift R3 GTX : its Gore-Tex® membrane, which will protect you against bad weather and the most difficult conditions, while letting your feet breathe, even when your hikes become more intensive. Its sole conceived in Continental™ rubber will assure you an optimal grip, included on humid soil. 

Adidas Terrex Swift R3 GTX - Men's hiking shoes

Adidas Terrex Swift R3 GTX - Women's hiking shoes

Lightness, robustness, and protection are represented with the Swift R3 GTX, shoes from Adidas Terrex adapted to all conditions.

  • Main material : Textile and synthetic stem. Textile covering . Rubber made external sole.
  • Standard fit
  • Laces
  • Mesh and ripstop stem
  • TPU reinforced toe protection
  • GORE-TEX® membrane for water protection and breathability
  • Pro - Moderator technology for lateral stability and middle-foot protection.
  • Traxion external sole
  • Continental™ rubber external sole for maximal grip on wet surfaces
  • Intermediary sole lightstrike in EVA
  • Molded internal sole
  • Weight: 2 x 310 g 

Merrell Moab 2 Gtx : robustness, grip and confort 

Moab 2 Gtx

On or off paths, the Moab 2 GTX of Merrell brand is a safe pick for mountainous hikes. Built with a Gore-Tex membrane waterproof and breathable, the Moab 2 Gtx offers a great protection against the hardest weather conditions, to not worry about rain or stream crossing any more! Its  Vibram® outsole offers an excellent grip, whatever the path you decide to follow. You will appreciate its breathable mesh lining to keep your feet dry. Stable, comfortable and offering an exceptional cushioning, what else could we ask?

 Merrell Moab 2 Gtx - Men's hiking shoes

➤ Merrell Moab 2 Gtx - Women's hiking shoes

The Moab 2 gtx Merrel shoe is designed for your outdoor activities!

  • Recommended for : short hikes, technical walks, fast hikes
  • Stem material : mesh and leather
  • External sole : Vibram® TC5+
  • Intermediary sole : compression moulded EVA
  • Weight : 844 g
  • Public price : 135,00 €

Millet Hike Up : the alliance between comfort and stability 

Hike Up

The Hike Up of the Millet brand is a shoe designed for hiking lovers, ready to challenge the Aravis or the Mercantour. This shoe stands out for its excellent support and the comfort that it creates during mountainous hikes. Its lightweight and ventilated stem keeps your feet cool all day long, while its Vibram® sole offers a perfect grip, uphill and downhill. The Hike Up is also gifted with a discrete rock protection, which offers a great resistance on rocky grounds, for no pain all-grounds exploration. The ideal alliance between comfort and stability, the Hike Up are the perfect hiking shoes for your summer adventure in the mountains.

Millet Hike Up - Men's hiking shoes

➤ Millet Hike Up - Women's hiking shoes

With its strong grip, lightness and comfy fit, the Millet Hike Up is built for the mountains!

  • Recommended for : hiking, day hikes
  • Stem material : mesh
  • Internal sole : Vibram®
  • Intermediary sole : EVA
  • Weight : 2 x 290 g
  • Public price : 129, 95 € 

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Leather GTX : the new generation

Ultra Raptor II Leather GTX

You who loves to explore off-road, discover the famous Ultra Raptor II Leather GTX, 2.0 version of the emblematic model of La Sportiva. Robust and protective, it adapts perfectly to long distance mountainous hikes. The Ultra Raptor II Leather GTX is the high performance model that you need.

Its Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort membrane, which gives a perfect balance between breathability and water resistance, will enable you to appreciate your hikes in humid weather.

Regarding dynamism, you will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and the flexibility that the  Ortholite® Extended Comfort offers. Its Frixion® Blue sole with high durability and its stabilizing heel-piece will enable you to enjoy steep paths while controlling perfectly your steps, up and downhill. Highly performant, those hiking shoes will follow you during all your outdoor adventures, without any misstep!

➤ La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Leather GTX - Men’s hiking shoes

  • Stem: nubuck and microfibre anti-abrasion reinforced strap
  • Lining: Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort
  • Shoe sole : Ortholite® Mountain Running
  • Intermediary sole : Memlex EVA with cushioning injection
  • Sole: FriXion® Blue with high resistant abrasion composants, Impact Brake System and rubber grip
  • Weight : 2 x 420 g

Garmont Dragontail LT : polyvalence and precision

Dragontail LT

If you are looking for a multitasking shoe, capable of following you during hikes, via ferrata or even little climbs, then the Dragontail LT GTX of Garmont are made for you. Conceived with a robust leather external lining, they do not suffer against abrasion or light rain. The precise lacing system, which extends from the bottom of the shoe, assures maximal control and perfect stability for all grounds. Comfortable, they are built with a mesh lining to guaranty good breathability. Under the foot, the  Vibram sole assures a great grip for all difficult and rocky grounds. The type of shoes to wear during your alpine adventure.

➤Dragontail LT GTX - Men's hiking shoes

Follow your own path and go off-road with the Dragontail LT of Garmont!

  • Recommended for : light hikes, technical hikes, via ferrata, easy climbs
  • Stem material : leather - mesh
  • External sole : Vibram® Q811
  • Internal sole : Eco-PU
  • Weight : 2 x 465 g
  • Public price : 149,95 € 

Lowa Renegade GTX Low : the top of comfort

Renegade Gtx Low

Its reputation is no longer to make, it achieved to impose itself as the key model of the German brand for expert hikers. It's been now 20 years that the Renegade GTX Low seduces by the no equal comfort it offers under all circumstances to daily and mountainous hikes amateurs. Its large fit, adapts perfectly to all feet types. To all the adventurers who do not fear rain or the crossing of a simple stream, this hiking shoe is made for you! It is equipped with a Gore-Tex® waterproof and breathable lining, who will show extreme durability, protectiveness, and resistance. The Monowrap® technology in the intermediary PU sole guaranties an excellent cushioning, while the external Vibram® sole offers an exceptional grip for all types of grounds.

Lowa Renegade GTX Low - Men' s hiking shoes

➤ Lowa Renegade GTX Low - Women's hiking shoes

Trying the Renegade GTX Low, is adopting it!

  • Recommended for : multiple days of hiking, short treks
  • Stem material : leather
  • External sole : Vibram® Evo
  • Intermediary sole : Pu injected - Monowrap®
  • Weight : 2 x 555 g
  • Public price : 179,95 €


Meindl Portland GTX : stability, comfort and fexibility

Portland GTX

If you are looking for a comfortable and flexible hiking shoe but with enough protection and capable of suffering the worst treatments, the Portland GTX  is the one that you need. While being perfectly adapted for short hikes, it can also be used for your Nordic walking session or even during your trips. All of this thanks to its waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® lining. This technology gives a waterproof and breathable shoe to keep you away from humidity during your rainy hikes. The external Contagrip® sole is made with durable studs and demonstrates the perfect compromise between stability and flexibility. All hikers know very well that comfort is key in their hiking shoe choice. Meindl hasn’t forgotten this quality when conceiving the Portland GTX with an Air-Active® intermediary sole in EVA and a stabilizer added to the heels. Adventure is knocking on your door, waiting for you and your Portland GTX!

➤ Meindl Portland GTX - Men's hiking shoes

The perfect alliance between flexibility and robustness!

  • Recommended for : short hikes, technical hikes, fast hiking, travelling, nordic walk
  • Stem material : leather
  • External sole: Meindl Contagrip® Trail
  • Intermediary sole :  Air-Active®
  • Weight : 2 x 420 g
  • Public Price : €169,95

Salewa Ms Mtn Trainer Lite GTX : Adventure is calling! 

Ms Mtn Trainer Lite GTX

The Ms Mtn Trainer Lite GTX doesn’t stand out by its appearance, but be sure for it to be ready to follow you around the world! Conceived by Salewa, this hiking shoe is a real wall against external aggressions. Weather, rocks, puddles, its Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort lining will not suffer from either of these discomforts. Water stays outside, whereas sweat is quickly drained out. Talking of inside, how can we not mention the EVA intermediary sole, offering a long-lasting cushioning? The 3F system of the brand, which associates the sole, the heel, and the lacing system, enables to adjust precisely the shoe in order to maximize its support at all time. After all, you need the best to defy the challenges that you give yourself. Defy your limits with the Ms Mtn Trainer Lite GTX.

Salewa Ms Mtn Trainer Lite GTX - Men's hiking shoes

If you need a pair to go on adventures, the Ms Mtn Trainer Lite GTX is probably the one you need!

  • Highly resistant external  textile
  • Waterproof guaranteed with a Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort lining
  • 3F system for a good foot support
  • Heel stabilizer
  • Intermediary sole : EVA
  • External sole : Pomoca
  • Internal sole : nylon
  • Drop : 15 mm
  • Heel height /Front-foot : 40 / 25 mm
  • Built in Italie
  • Weight: 2 x 448 g

Mammut Ducan Low GTX : when support and grip makes one 

Chaussures Mammut Ducan Low GTX

The Ducan Low GTX® of Mammut’s brand is one of the accessible hiking shoes which does not suffer from any compromise. Comfort, protection, support, everything is there for you to enjoy your mountainous hikes. Built with technologies such as Flextron, Vibram and Georganic 3D, the  Ducan Low GTX® offers you an optimal support, associated to a strong grip and a comfort that will make your hikes even more enjoyable. And because weather is not always on our side, the Gore-Tex® lining of the Ducan Mid GTX® will keep your feet dry, even if rain invites itself into your adventure. Its sporty design makes this shoe perfect for your next outdoor hike!

➤ Mammut Ducan Low GTX - Men's hiking shoes

The hiking shoes that will follow you in all of your outdoor adventures!

  • Recommended for : hiking, travelling
  • Stem material : mesh
  • External sole : Vibram® Flextron
  • Weight: 2 x 420 g
  • Public price: 159,95 €

After this quick tour of the 10 best hiking shoes, maybe are you feeling the urge to go on an adventure and let your steps guide you along unknown paths! Go on, don’t wait, there is so much to see and the incredible places of our world are worth going the miles…If, however, you still cannot decide and have questions on hiking shoes, don’t hesitate to contact us on the 01 84 67 14 24 ( free calls ) or on our Customer Care Center. Our expert and passionate team will be happy to help you in the choice of your next hiking shoes! If you are more into long and technical walks, we invite you to also read our selection of the 12 best mountain hiking shoes! 

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