The 12 World's Longest Hiking Trails

Hardloop, 24 June 2022

The world's 12 longest trails

The world's trails offer a wide range of possibilities for the hiking lovers, in quest for kilometres. Between 425 kilometres and 24 000 kilometres, this articles, presenting the world’s longest treks, will likely make you feel tired already! From the United-States to Canada or even Japan, crossing Europe, the world does not lack long treks, all as magnificent and challenging as the other. Between dense forests, steep paths and impressive lakes with intense colours, we give you the chance to discover some long diversified treks as well as a selection of Ferrino’s equipments ideal to follow you during your adventure.

Pacific Crest Trail, Great Himalaya Trail, Te Araroa, The Long Canadien Trail... Follow us on the world’s longest treks!

Our selection of the world’s 12 longest treks

  1. Pacific Crest Trail - United-States
  2. Continental Divide Trail - United-States
  3. Trans Canada trail - Canada
  4. Appalachian Trail - United-States
  5. Te Araroa - New-Zelande
  6. Great Himalayan Trail - Nepal
  7. Via Dinarica - Slovenia et Albania
  8. Via Alpina - Alpes
  9. Kungsleden Royal Path - Sweden
  10. Hokkaido Nature Trail - Japan
  11. Oregon Trail - United-States
  12. Grand Italian Trail - Italy
  13. Ferrino equips you for your next trek

Pacific Crest Trail – United-States

Trek Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail, also called PCT, is one of the longest path of the United-States and forms a “ triple crown “ with two other treks in the US, the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. The “Triple Crown” combines the 3 main long distance trail in the United-States.

The Pacific Crest Trail follows the Pacific Ocean coast for 4240 km, from Mexico to Canada. Starting from the Mexican border ( close to Campo ) , the Pacific Crest Trail goes through the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range, a mountain range located between the states of California, Oregon, and Washington in the US and the province of British Colombia in Canada. The PCT reaches therefore summits as its highest point is the Forester summit at a 4009 m altitude in California. Every year, about 200 hikers out of 300 reach their objective and are able to finish the Pacific Crest Trail, from south to north. We call them the “thru-hikers”. The length of this tiring trek varies between 4 and 6 months and is usually done between end of April and end of September. The trekkers which start this sporty adventure will be able to observe at close the lakes from Crater Lake national park, a celesta blue lake located near Mazama volcano crater, as well as the incredible wildlife of Oregon national forest. The varied panoramic views and altitude heights offered by this unique trek are those typically found in the high-mountains environment, which leave trekkers with remarkable memories. If you are tempted to see a video of the Pacific Crest Trail, we invite you to watch the film Wild, put to images by Jean-Marc Vallée with Reese Witherspoon in the character of Cheryl Stayed, who decides to do the PCT alone.

  • Distance : 4 240 km
  • Length : between 4 and 6 months
  • Best seasons : between end of April and end of September 

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Continental Divide Trail – United-States

Continental Divide Trail

4 989 km : nothing less! The Continental Divide Trail is a long trek composed of a succession of varied paths within the Rocky Mountains, a mountain chain located to the West of North America. The “Rockies” offer surprising landscapes as the mountains are the sources of multiple water streams that land in the world’s three of the five oceans : the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The Continental Divide Trail goes through several American states from New-Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana and continues its itinerary until the Jasper Park in Canada, a large wild area, home to many species such as the wapitis, moose, Canadian mouflon and bears. The highest point of this trek is Grays Pic, located in the Colorado and reaching a 4 349 m altitude. Every year, they are less than thirty to try to finish this itinerary by foot, from south to north. The itinerary to follow, only marked for ¾ of the trail and the duration of the Continental Divide Trail, approximately 6 months, make this trek one for expert hikers. Furthermore, it presents sections known for their difficulty, especially in the national forest of Santa Fé and around Glacier National Park in the Montana. Usually done from April to October, this trek oscillates between lunar landscape and green valleys with rapid waters, for the enjoyment of hikers who like challenges.  

  • Distance : 4 989 km
  • Length: around 6 months
  • Best seasons : from start of April and end of  October

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Trans Canada Trail - Canada

Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail, is 24 000 km long. It is one of the world’s longest hiking trail.. It links two oceans, the Atlantic to the Pacific, and two big province capital, Victoria, in the province of British-Columbia, on the island of Vancouver and Saint-Jean, in the heart of the Newfoundland and Labrador province.

Doing a trek on the Trans Canada Trail it's discovering the urban, rural and wild beauty of Canada and travelling on roads, on foot itinerary and waterways crossing thirteen provinces and territories. The main part of this trek follows the south border that Canada shares with the United-States and meets in the way the main major cities of this region such as Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa et Montreal.

The Trans Canada Trail has also two branches on the north-east, more Nordic, linking Edmonton, Tuktoyaktuk and Inuvik. To do the world’s longest trek and discover transcendent Canadian landscapes, you can think about using kayaks or stand-up paddles, as about one third of the itinerary follows waterways. Every locomotion can be planned except the car!

  • Distance : 24 000 km
  • Length : about 500 days (about 1 year and 4 months)

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Appalachian Trail – United-States

Appalachian Trail – United-States

The Appalachian Trail is at the eastern coast of the United-States what the Pacific Crest Trail is at its West coast. Meet one of the best american discovery trail. From Springer Mount in Georgia to Month Katahdin in the Maine, the Appalachian Trail crosses fourteen states on more than 3510 km of trails entirely marked. The ideal moment to start this hike is around March. You can at this moment enjoy a clement climate on the entire path by privileging  the road that goes from south to north. On the program of this unique route many landscapes will be encountered. First, The Nation Park of the Great Smoky Mountains in the Tenessee, the wildest and most technical section of the Appalachian Trail where you can observe the black bears, the wapiti and more than 5 400  different vegetal species. Also, The Blue Ridge Mountains, a mountainous and dense forest chain located at the East of the United-States and the National Park Shenandoah of Virginia, where you will be able to meet, out of others, lynx, raccoons, and opossums. You will finish this diversified landscape trek by the crossing of the Maine, nicknamed « Hundred-Mile Wilderness » by the accustomed, for its difficulty and the wild landscape surrounding its woody paths. The crossing of the Maine, often unpredictable depending on the weather variations and the power of the water streams crossed, inaugurates the climbing of the Katahdin Mount with a highest point at 1 606 m, the last step of this prestigious trek.

  • Distance : 3 510 km
  • Length: around 6 months
  • Best seasons : start of March to end of August 

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Te Araroa – New-Zealand

Te Araroa – New-Zealand

The small coastal village of Te Araroa has given its name to a 3 000 km trail crossing the two island of New- Zealand, from the Reinga Cap at the northern extremity to Cap Bluff, at the southern extremity. You will need between 100 and 160 days to finish this long trek, which links the Tasman Sea to the west, to the Pacific Ocean to the east. The few 150 hikers that decide to undertake the Te Araroa usually start beginning of October from the sand beach of Reinga Cap. The Te Araroa Trail offers very diversified environments for its hikers, as forest and jungle alternate on the northern island.

As for the southern island, it has the highest summits of the sometime deserted regions, such as the Richmond Mount. The alpine landscape and the jungles make place to impressive ice glacier and rocky passages during the trek.  The Te Araroa Trail, which does not cross any roads or civilization for more than 140 km, has been chosen for its sublime lunar backgrounds by the film industry. The backgrounds of Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson have been for example filmed, for the main parts, on this extraordinary trek itinerary.

  • Distance : 3 000 km
  • Length: between 100 and 160 days (about  3 to 5 months)
  • Best period : between October and February

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Great Himalayan Trail – Nepal

Great Himalayan Trail – Nepal

The Great Himalayan Trail is a network of hiking trail linking the itineraries of major trek on the Nepalese Himalayan chain.  The Great Himalayan Trail, known for its difficulty, requires a good endurance and altitude acclimatation. In fact, the Great Himalayan Trail links the far out stretched massif of Api Himal in the Far West of the country, reaching 7 132 m in height, to the region of the Kanchenjunga, shelter to the world’s third-highest summit with a 8 586 m elevation, located for its part at the east of the country. The itinerary of this trek follows the northern border that the Nepal shares with the Tibet. With a distance of 1700 km and its high altitude, the Great Himalayan Trail is often perceived as the ultimate trek, where hiking can be sometimes confronted with mountain sickness. It alternates high roads, placed between 3 000 and 6 000 m altitude, and low paths enabling direct contact with the local agricultural villages. The very high mountain climate is very challenging and tiring, and therefore makes the Great Himalayan Trail one of the most technical and risky treks in the world. It however stays the dream of many hikers who wish to travel on the paths of the world’s roof.

  • Distance : 1 700 km
  • Length : around 3 months
  • Best seasons : between mid-August and end of November

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Via Dinarica – Slovenia and Albania

Via Dinarica in Slovenia

The Via Dinarica : the discovery of the other Alps! In the continuity of the occidental Alps, the dinaric chains follow the borders of the Adriatic Sea until the north of Albania, and crosses 7 countries, such as Slovenia. With a length of 1260 km, this hiking path can be done in 2 or 3 months and offers the possibility to see bears, foxes, and a lot of other animal and vegetal species. In 2016, we could count less than ten trekkers having achieved to cross the entire Via Dinarica. This itinerary is considered difficult as few summits exist to go from one valley to the other, and we can count a great quantity of snakes on the way, such as the Ottoman viper, very venomous. The Via Dinarica asks therefore for a good physical conditions as well as a great awareness of the surrounding environment, but offers in return to create unique links between hikers and rural villages. The hikers going through the Via Dinarica are in fact encouraged to respect the cultural diversity and environment, as well as the authenticity of the encountered communities. This itinerary constitutes a grand project, supported by Europe, which aims to create 3 different trails, going through only the Balkans. One of those trails would be done by the mountains, the second following the coast and the last one inside the lands. New itineraries based on the Via Dinarica are therefore greatly  awaited by the all hikers!

  • Distance : 1 260 km
  • Length : 2 to 3 months
  • Best seasons : between March et May or between end of August and November

Via Alpina – Alps

Via Alpina in the alps

Initiated by the Grande Traversée of the Alps in 1999, the Via Alpina has become a network of alpine hikes offering 5 international itineraries. They offer in total 342 stops for 5 000 treks. Linking Trieste to Monaco, it covers eight countries: Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and the principality of Monaco. If the name of each itinerary are those of colours, they are not representative of the difficulty of each. For hikers searching for high sensations, this itinerary is perfect, as some parts at 3 000 m  require having stable steps and to not fear heights. You should prioritize the period between June and October to challenge yourself on the Via Alpina in order to stay away from herds often guarded by “patous”, dogs trained to protect those herds. You will have to be careful of where you walk as on the Via Alpina you could meet with aspic and peliade Vipers, as well as tick, smaller, but dangerous too! The offered itineraries are very appreciated by hikers, which in particular enjoy the conviviality of refuges encountered.

  • Distance : 5 000 km
  • Length : around 4 to 5 months
  • Best seasons : between June and October

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 Kungsleden – Royal path – Sweden

 Kungsleden – Royal path in Sweden

Combining open spaces and relative physical difficulty, the Royal path, or "Kungsleden" in Swedish, is a trek entirely marked for more than 425 km, stretching from Abisko National Park, known for its Nordic wildlife as well as its transparent lakes waters, to Hemavan, places from where you can see the magnificent Swedish mountains such as the Norra Storfjället, with its 1 768 m summit. The Royal Path crosses the wild lands of the Swedish Lapland, registered on the mondial patrimony of UNESCO. Kungsleden is divided into 5 segments, corresponding to each one good week of hiking. The trail is equipped with refuges around every 20 km, on the northern part. This trek itinerary is doable from beginning of June to September; until mid-july by day and continues on the northern part. The hikers which decide to go on the Royal path  (Kungsleden) will be able to see the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon of one entire month when the sun never sets, offering a ski with hot and vivid colours.

  • Distance : 425 km
  • Length: about 40 days
  • Best seasons : between June and September 

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Hokkaido Nature Trail – Japan

Trek Hokkaido Nature Trail in Japan

First dropped out from the natural paths by the Japanese government in the seventies, the Hokkaido Nature Trail plans were finally approved in 2003. As a result : no less than 4585 km for this path representing seven months of adventure, crossing from top to bottom the well-known island at the top of Japan until reaching the Sapporo, the third-largest city of Japan and the regional island of Hokkaido. The peninsula ranked on the world UNESCO patrimony of Shiretoko, kingdom of cliffs , waterfalls and seabirds, crossing the Hidaka Mont in the south, reaching between 1500 and 2000 m, l’Hokkaido Nature Trail offers a diversified outdoor experience on a land with a similar size to Austria. You will be able to let yourself dream while admiring those incredible diversity of landscapes, between glaciers, woods and volcanos. Considering the length of this trek, you will be able to discover Japan during 3 consecutive seasons. Summer stays the best season to undertake this trail, as temperatures are relatively tempered in this region. Snows from the winter season create, however, an even more memorable scenery!

  • Distance : 4 585 km
  • Length : around 7 months
  • Best season : June and December

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The Oregon Trail - United-States

The Oregon Trail

3500 km  are waiting for you on this path taken by pioneers in the XIX th century to go from the city of Missouri to Oregon. The Oregon Trail, is an historic trail which takes you on green grassland , canyons, deserts, and waterfalls of this region of the US, a bunch of unique landscapes that you will remember. The Oregon trail makes you notably cross the Owyhee Canyonlands Park, with its impressive canyons travelled by rivers and where mountain vegetation grow on the rocks and sandy spring soil. Around 6 months of hiking are necessary to reach the end of this long trail. We recommend that you do this trek in April as grass is high and weather conditions are optimal.

  • Distance : 3 500 km
  • Length : around 6 months
  • Best seasons: between April and september

Grand Italian Trail or Sentiero Italia – Italy 

Grand Italian Trail

Sentiero Italia or the Grand Italian Trail offers a great trail of 6166 km divided into 368 segments. It starts at the bottom of the dinarique Alps at Trieste and ends at the northern Sardinia peninsula at Santa Teresa Gallura, 13 km away from Bonifacio in Corsica. Spring and Autumn are ideal seasons to challenge yourself on the segment of your choice. If you choose to do them all and complete the Sentiero Italia, count around 8 to 9 months of walking. On your itinerary of this long and enjoyable hiking path : the entire crossing of the Apennines chain via the Sibylline monts at 2476 m and the mont Vettore and a stop in the Regional park of the Simbruini monts. During the last step of the Sentiero Italia, you will regain the warm border of the Mediterranean Sea, on the Sicilian and Sardinia beaches.

  • Distance : 6 166 km
  • Length : 8 to 9 months
  • Best season : Between March and October

Ferrino equips you for your long treks

Ferrino equipments for hiking

Before going head first on one of the world's longest trail, you need to pick the right equipment for long distances. To do so, we have chosen 7 Ferrino products that you shouldn’t miss on your trips with a small budget!

Offering an excellent quality/ price ratio, the Italian brand has imposed itself as the reference for trekking equipment, mountaineering and bivouac. Since 1870, Ferrino, offers a wide range of tents, inflatable mats, or backpacks for the greatest pleasure of beginners and professionals. Outdoor lovers who wish to be equipped with products of great quality without, necessarily, increasing their budget, therefore turn themselves to Italian brand for their treks. Why not do like them? Let us present to you the unmissable Ferrino products to undertake your long hike or treks, and discover the most beautiful places in the world well-equipped.

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Air Lite - Sleeping pad
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The Ferrino Lightent 2 Pro is the ideal model for adventurers who trail in duo and give a great importance to the weight of their carrying. As strong as it is light weighted, this tent will be a  great choice if you do not wish to make any compromise between lightness and resistance against the difficult conditions and that you will be facing, during a long trek or hike.

Ferrino knows also that having a good night's rest is necessary for spending perfect treks around the world. If your sleeping bag needs to bring comfort and warmth, it shouldn’t be difficult to carry during the day. The Italian brand has won this bet with the Lightech 800 Duvet, with a natural down isolation offering an excellent warmth, all with a highly compressible and light product.

What would be a good sleeping bag without a good mat, easily inflatable, easy to carry and ultra light? Search no longer, the Air Lite from Ferrino is the lightweight mat that you need to spend nights as comfortable as at home. Once packed, this mat makes itself forgotten in your backpack, for the greatest pleasure of those who like light travelling.

At last, for the most demanding for their sleep quality and comfort, Ferrino has developed the Traveller Liner Mummy, an ultra light sleeping bag liner which will come and add to the thermal comfort and hygiene of your sleeping bag for big comfort bivouac nights. Made with natural and soft cotton, it enables to keep your sleeping bag clean and fresh, and to spend nights as enjoyable outside than at home.

Transalp 60 - Hiking backpack
Trekker Ripstop - Poncho
Zip Motion Pants - Hardshell pants

Greatest friend on the trails, the Transalp 60, a reference in the world of trekking backpack. With great volumes and numerous functionality, this trekking backpack will enable you to bring all the necessary material for your long treks and to not lack anything when you are far from civilization and refuelling.

You will be able to hide in it your Trekker Ripstop, a waterproof poncho made to keep you dry as well as your backpack in the event of weather decline during your trip. Once the sun is back, this poncho will easily find its place in your backpack, in its own storage pocket, in order to keep your equipment organized.


And because your legs deserve to stay dry, we recommand you to add to your equipment the ZIP Motion Pants, a waterproof, and windproof pants with elastic adjustment for an optimal protection against the elements.

Because images tell us more than a 1000 words, discover Ferrino on tape for its 150th anniversary. Real reference for outdoor lovers, the brands never stops innovating to offer light, durable products  of quality and at the best price, to make trekking accessible to the greatest amount. 

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The list of the longest treks has awakened the adventurer which sleeps within you? Equipped with your hiking shoes, breathable and waterproof clothes, a backpack without forgetting your walking poles, survival blanket, a good solar protection and your hygiene products, why not going on a short trek to prepare yourself for those gigantic trails? We offer you to discover treks with varied landscape across the world!


You still have some questions or would like some other information on treks and hikes around the world? Do no hesitate to contact our team of experts on the +33 (0) 1 84 67 14 24 (free calls) or by sending a message to our Customer care centre. We will be delighted to help you and answer your questions! 

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