The 10 best Trail Running Shoes

Hardloop, 1 February 2023
10 best trail running shoes

With more than a million trail running shoes sold last year in the UK, of about 20 technical brands such as Altra or Brooks to name only two, trail running has become a highly practised sport in many countries. But how should you choose between more than 300 models that seems quite similar technically at first glance?

To guide you, our team of running experts has created a small selection of their top 10 best trail running shoes.

La Sportiva, Saucony, New Balance, Altra, Mizuno or Scott, each of those brands offer small trail running treasures that we wanted you to discover or (re)discover! 

  1. Saucony Peregrine 12
  2. La Sportiva Bushido II
  3. Adidas Terrex Agravic Ultra
  4. Dynafit Ultra 100
  5. Scott Supertrac RC 2
  6. Mizuno Wave Mujin 8
  7. Altra Lone Peak 6
  8. Inov-8 Trail Talon 235
  9. Scarpa Rush
  10. New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V7

Saucony Peregrine 12 : fast and catchy

Saucony Peregrine 12

Known for their wide range of use, the Saucony Peregrine 12 trail running shoes have absolutely everything you need to move around quickly and efficiently on difficult grounds. With this 12th version, the Peregrine has improved again ! The exterior sole PwrTrac offers in that sense a great grip on all surface for better self-assurance during your races. The inside sole PwrRun Eva brings comfort and ideal dynamism to run one mile after another. Regarding its resistance, an ultralight and durable stem will protect your feet from outside elements. 

➤ Saucony Peregrine 12 - Men

➤ Saucony Peregrine 12 - Women

The Peregrine 12, is a shoe to have in your wardrobe with the only dream to go out and explore the trails.

  • Runner’s profile : all trail runners
  • Recommended for : competition and training between 10 and 30 km
  • Inside sole : Pwrrun Eva
  • Outside sole : Pwrtrac
  • Technologie FormFit : comfort and foot support
  • Cushioning : Pwrrun
  • Mesh stem
  • Studs deepness : 5 mm
  • Drop : 4 mm
  • Public price : £134,95

La Sportiva Bushido II : to make obstacles a formality 

La Sportiva Bushido II

Specially made by La Sportiva for technical trail runs and sky races, the Bushido II combines lightness and grip. The Frixion red sole assures confident steps whatever the ground under your feet. The TPU structure of the Bushido II, placed laterally under the upper, goes down to cover the intermediary sole of the shoe. This system reduces the weight and improves the dynamism of the shoe to bring the performance to a higher level. Lastly, to stabilize the foot on very technical trails, exterior blocs on the sole covers also the lateral sides.

➤ La Sportiva Bushido II - Men

➤ La Sportiva Bushido II - Women

Stable, precise, comfortable and seamless, nothing can stop the Bushido II of La Sportiva.

  • Runner’s profile : lightweight trail runners
  • Recommended for : competition and technical training superior to 30 km
  • Upper sole : breathable air mesh, thermoplastic reinforced film, TPU HF medial structure applied on the rip-stop pannels
  • Lining : Anti-slip and breathable mesh
  • Intermediary sole : Stability Control System and compressive EVA
  • Sole: Frixion Red
  • Inside sole : Ortholite Ergonomic 4mm
  • Drop : 6 mm
  • Cushioning : 7
  • Weight : 305 g
  • Public price : £143,95

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Adidas Terrex Agravic Ultra : made for ultras

Adidas Terrex Agravic Ultra

Stable, lightweight and resistant, the Agravic Ultra are made for the most demanding trail running races. Created my Adidas Terrex in collaboration with the ultra-runner Ekatarina Mityaeva, they reveal to be ideal for technical grounds and long distances. Very complete, this shoe hides a lot of technologies. First, a carbon platform integrated to the sole improves dynamic performance highly for better efficiency during your trail races. The mesh stem frees sweat while the inserts protects your feet. The intermediary sole benefits from the Lightstrike and boost technology for better durability and stability. Lastly, the exterior sole of the Agravic Ultra is signed by continental. Anti-slip, they can conquer all surfaces.

➤ Adidas Terrex Agravic Ultra - Men

➤ Adidas Terrex Agravic Ultra - Women

The Agravic Ultra is not the type of shoes that let you down, even on difficult trail paths.

  • Runner’s profile : all trail runners
  • Recommended for : training  and long distance runs
  • Breathable stem for better comfort
  • Integrated carbon platform for excellent energy rebound
  • Intermediary sole with Lightstrike and boost technology
  • Anti-slip outside sole signed by Continental
  • Drop : 8 mm
  • Public price : £143,95

Dynafit Ultra 100 : confortable for long distances

Dynafit Ultra 100

To move around alpine tracks at ease, even the longest, the Ultra 100 shoes from Dynafit fits you like a glove. The intermediary sole Ultra 100 brings an excellent compromise between comfort and cushioning, the kinds of details that make the difference on (very) long trail runs.  Regarding their grip, the inside sole Pomoca Speed Hiking® is made for all kinds of trails and offers a good grip on all grounds, from the driest to the muddiest. For an even better experience, the inside Ortholite sole  adapts to your foot morphology in order to bring comfort and cushioning. Finally, the Heel Preloader concepts brings even more comfort and precision thanks to the diagonal reinforcement, improving back foot support. To finish off, the Ballistic Bumper protects efficiently your toes and forefoot from rocks and roots. Yes, it’s a strong one perfect for trail running !

➤ Dynafit Ultra 100 M - Men

➤ Dynafit Ultra 100 W - Women

Robustness, comfort, and precision : the Ultra 100 of Dynafit has everything to seduce you!

  • Recommended for : trail-running
  • Pomoca outsole : excellent grip on varied grounds
  • Ultra Midsole : excellent cushioning and high comfort
  • Ballistic Bumper : toes protection
  • Heel Preloader : Reinforced ankle and heel support
  • Invisible laces : elastic paste lining to improve durability
  • Ortholite foot support  : Inside sole with great cushioning, support and comfort
  • Drop : 6 mm
  • Weight: 2 x 330 g
  • Public price : £134,95

➤ Men's Trail Running Shoes - Shop

Scott Supertrac RC 2 : multi-tasking

Scott Supertrac RC 2

For fast hiking, long runs in the mountains or high intensity trail races, the Supertrac RC 2 from Scott will surprise you. Their Advanced Traction Rubber  sole with the Radial Traction technology is very efficient on wet and slippery grounds. Their exterior sole, sculpted and grooved, offers an exceptional grip to the one who is wearing it, on slippery or dry and unequal soil. A great chance for the ones who are adventurous and for whom streams are a vast playground ! Conceived to explore new steep and hazardous paths, this trail running shoe also offers maximal cushioning thanks to its AeroFoam + midsole, while maintaining a high support for the foot. Its 5 mm drop is made to boost a natural running technique. Very comfortable, the Supertrac RC 2 protects your toes from rocks with a reinforced polyurethane structure, while its Schoeller coldblack® mesh stem fosters an optimal ventilation, perfect for long distance races. 

➤ Scott Supertrac RC 2 - Men

➤ Scott Supertrac RC 2 - Women

If you are more of a multi-ground runner, the Supertrac RC 2, which offers great polyvalence, will not leave your feet !

  • Runner’s profile : all types
  • Recommended for : competition /training all distances
  • Stem material : mesh
  • Inside sole : Radial Traction
  • Midsole: AeroFoam+
  • Back sole thickness : 22.5 mm
  • Front sole thickness : 17.5 mm
  • Drop : 5 mm
  • Weight : 2 x 270 g
  • Public price : £143,95

Mizuno Wave Mujin 8 : catchy and stable

Mizuno Wave Mujin 8

The Wave Mujin 8 is the new top range trail running shoe from Mizuno. Equipped with a Michelin® sole, this eighth version is made for all types of grounds, even difficult and muddy ones. Created with the famous Wave technology which divides the shock waves on the entire foot at the moment of the impact with the ground, it offers a perfect alliance between cushioning and medial and lateral stability, essential for trail running. The Mizuno enerzy foam, positioned on all of the midsole, brings to the Wave Mujin 8 an excellent cushioning and an optimal energy rebound. Regarding the adjustment of this Mizuno on the heel and forefoot, it enables you to benefit from an optimal comfort whatever the race conditions. Finally, you will love its flexibility and its cushioning, for races with no bad surprises. 

Mizuno Wave Mujin 8 - Men

Offering protection, breathability, robustness and grip, the Wave Mujin 8 reveals to be combative whatever the difficulty of the path!

  • Runner’s profile : all types
  • Recommended for : competition /training all distances
  • Stem material : mesh
  • Exterior sole : Michelin - XtaGrip
  • Midsole: Mizuno Wave et Mizuno Enerzy
  • Back sole thickness : 22.5 mm
  • Front sole thickness : 17.5 mm
  • Drop : 12 mm
  • Weight : 2 x 360 g
  • Public price : £134,95 

Altra Lone Peak 6 : natural and powerful

Altra Lone Peak 6

The bestseller from Altra will surprise you by its reactivity! For your trail running trainings on technical grounds or to go and get a title on a high intensity mountainous race, the Lone Peak 6 shoes from Altra will be your best partner. New representative from the Lone Peak range, those trail running shoes, stronger and more comfortable than their predecessors, will enable you to go further. For those who are looking for a more natural stride, those trail running shoes are a chance as they are made with a 0 mm drop : there is therefore no superficial thickness between your heel and forefoot. For the outsole, Altra has again targeted performance and gifted the Lone Peak 6 from the MaxTrac™  with multidirectional studs. Equipped with incredibly efficient and gripping sole, you will be able to conquer the Buet or the Aiguilles Rouges with maximal support. The new midsole Altra Ego™ offers more reactivity and sensations. Those trail running shoes will boost your runs even uphill! With a ventilated upper assuring humidity evacuation, the Lone Peak 6 has everything of a great shoe!  

Altra Lone Peak 6 - Men

Altra Lone Peak 6 - Women

Can you resist to that much power ?

  • Runner’s profile : all types
  • Recommended for : competition /training all distances
  • Stem material : eVent technology
  • Exterior sole : MaxTrac™ with multidirectional studs
  • Midsole: Altra Ego™
  • Stack (hauteur de semelle) : 25 mm
  • Drop : 0 mm
  • Weight : 2 x 300 g
  • Public price : £134,95 

Altra Lone Peak 6 - Women

Inov-8 Trail Talon 235 : precise and flexible

Inov-8 Trail Talon 235

Made for short distance trails, the Trail Talon 235 is a trail running shoe made by the brand Inov-8, offering lightness, precision and exceptional cushioning. If you like running on dry or humid grounds, with or without hills, the Trail talon 235 will perfectly fulfil your needs. Flexible and gifted with a large toe-box, they are comfortable but also with a great grip thanks to the Tri-C technology which combines 3 rubber density strategically positioned for a better grip, whatever the ground and the constraints. The rock protection protects you from shocks, while the flexible flap prevents rocks and dust from entering the shoe. Lastly, the Dynamic Fascia Brand ( DFB ) imitates the anatomical position of the foot fascia to naturally convert  the shoes as a lever and optimize propulsion.

Inov-8 Trail Talon 235 - Men

Conceived for short distance trails, the Trail Talon 235 is of no comparable precision. Ready to go?

  • Runner’s profile : all types
  • Recommended for : short distances
  • Stem material : mesh
  • Exterior sole : Tri-C ( 3 rubber density mix )
  • Studs height : 4 mm
  • Drop : 4 mm
  • Weight : 2 x 270 g
  • Public price : £125,95

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Scarpa Rush : the queen of fast hiking

Scarpa Rush

Last born of the Scarpa brand and made for fast hiking lovers, at the frontier of trail running and hiking. Between performance and polyvalence, the Rush is equipped with an elastic mesh flap which covers perfectly your foot. It's synthetic and breathable construction  enables to deal at best with humidity during your runs. Its sole benefits from the innovative IKS (Interactive Kinetik System) technology, which brings optimal cushioning by absorbing energy of the impact. The TPU insert under the heel reinforce the whole, bringing a supplementary protection against impacts. A showcase of technologies to climb like a chamois. 

➤ Scarpa Rush - Men

➤ Scarpa Rush - Women

The Rush offers high precision and an all trial stability! Will you stand up to it?

  • Runner’s profile : all types
  • Recommended for : fast-hiking / training and competition all distances
  • Inside sole : TPU
  • Mid-sole : 2D EVA-CM
  • Outsole : Scarpa Free-dome™ IKSTM / HDR
  • IKS technology : 5 impact zone for a maximal protection
  • Dynamic Stabilizer Torsion System Ergonomic technology  : better foot support
  • Drop : 8 mm
  • Weight : 2 x 380 g
  • Public price : £134,95 

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V7 : to discover new paths

New Balance Summit Unknown V2

The robust design of the Fresh Foam Hierro V7 trail shoe is made to follow you anywhere and run a lot of kilometres. First, its mesh construction enable better air ventilation and sweat drain, to always feel fresh in your shoes. Under the foot of this New Balance shoe, the Fresh Foam midsole brings a comfortable cushioning for soft reception on difficult terrain. The outsole Vibram® assures a better grip, an excellent traction and a resistance against abrasive soil. To finish off, the Toe Protect technology protects efficiently your feet from all elements that will cross your road!  The type of shoes that brings you anywhere! 

➤ New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V7 - Men

➤ New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V7 - Women

At the same time strong and incredibly breathable and protective, the Fresh Foam Hierro V7 is made to follow you far and for a long time!

  • Runner’s profile : all types
  • Recommended for : Competitions / training  all distances
  • Inside sole : Vibram® assuring an excellent grip, traction, and resistance
  • Toe Protect technology protects from rocks, roots, and dust
  • Mid-sole : Fresh Foam, incredible cushioning
  • Light mesh for better breathability
  • The structure of the stem fits perfectly to the foot to offer you a better support
  • Drop : 8 mm
  • Weight : 2 x 336 g
  • Public price : £134,95

If you have any questions regarding your future trail running shoes, or if any doubts occur, our team of passionate and expert trail runners are here to help you on the +33 (0) 1 84 67 14 24 (free calls) or through our Customer Care Center. Our HardGuides will be delighted to help and advise you in finding the best trail running shoes for you !

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